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Milan Kala Plast Industrial Group

Milan Kala Plast is the exclusive representative of Sand

Milan Plast Industrial Group started the production of polymer containers and parts in 1978 and expanded its field of activity in the field of molding. After many years of experience in the production of plastic products, knowing all the production obstacles and mastering the machines of the plastic industry, including injection and blowing, etc., we imported and manufactured plastic machines, and in order to meet the customer's needs as best as possible, through extensive research for Finding the best brand of plastic molding machine, we got acquainted with Sand Company, the first and largest manufacturer of plastic industry machines in China. By using the best CNC machining, Milan's injection machines are comparable in accuracy and speed with the most reliable injection machines in the world's plastic industry. This group acts in line with customer orientation by providing timely services including: sales, after sales, guarantee and warranty, by employing skilled and efficient human resources. In 2016, due to the high quality and innovation used in its machines, Milan Kala Plast has joined the few high tech companies with high technology. It has spread to Azerbaijan, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Believing that customers are the capital, credit and future of the company, this company spares no efforts to satisfy them and provide better services.


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تاسیس شرکت میلان پلاست

تولید ظروف پت و قطعات پلیمری

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برای ساخت قالب های تزریق پلاستیک بایستی اصول مربوط را طی کرد که مرحله اول در این زمینه طراحی با نرم افزارهای قالب پلاستیکی می باشد و پس از آن زمان ساخت می رسد. تولید انواع قالب های صنعت پلاستیک اعم از تزریق، بادکن


تاسیس شرکت

میلان کــالا پلاست

گروه صنعتی میلان پلاست از سال ۱۳۵۷ فعالیت تولید ظروف وقطعات پلیمری را آغاز نمود و حوزه ی فعالیت خود را در زمینه قالبسازی گسترش داد.و در ساخت و واردات ماشین آلات تزریق پلاستیک فعالیت می نماید.


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Introduction of the board of directors

Gholamhossein Khalili Milani

Chairman of the Board

Amir Hossam Khalili Milani

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
مدیر عامل میلان کالا

Aida Khalili Milani