after sales service

Our expert team is ready to answer you, dear customers, 24 hours a day and even on holidays.

After the installation of the plastic machine in the place, the experienced and experienced experts of Milan Kala Plast installed and started the plastic machine and all the necessary items for the operation and maintenance of the plastic machine in scientific and simple language, in a practical way to the operator and technical supervisor. They teach

All plastic injection machines of this company have a 2-year warranty.
The spare parts of the devices are original and under warranty and are replaced by our experts on the spot.

- All plastic devices of this company have 10 years of after-sales service.

- The expert team of the after-sales service unit is responsive to you, dear customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays.

- Trained and experienced experts of this company periodically visit and service all the plastic injection machines of Milan Kala Plast.

- The after-sales service of this company has specialized and separate experts in various fields of electricity and electricity, hydraulic and pneumatic, technical, welding and painting.

Milan Kala Plast's warehouses of spare parts and accessories for plastic machinery are equipped with all kinds of cylinders and mandrons, electronic parts, hydraulic parts, such as valves, pumps, hydromotors, and other consumables such as hydraulic oil, etc., with world-renowned brands.
The required parts will be provided to our dear customers as soon as possible.

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